The Story of Ellington Pens

"Writing with a fountain pen is like driving a Rolls Royce. You will get to the same place, but every twist and turn will feel smooth, elegant and luxurious.” 

Our Story

Over the years, as an educator, I've handwritten numerous papers with countless number of pens but nothing quite matches the feeling of writing with a fountain pen - it awakens a particular degree of penmanship. The act itself is less like writing and more like wielding a paintbrush.

The paper? Your canvas.

Collecting fountain pens has proven to be an expensive passion of mine, which had me asking - why are they costly? At least the good ones. Why can't we enjoy premium quality fountain pens without the price tag?

Hi, I'm Ethan Ellington, founder of Ellington Pens, and my mission is to offer luxury industry standard fountain pens to the world without the eye watering prices.

Each Ellington Pen has been designed with precision and produced using the same high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship as other 'luxury' fountain pens.

The catch?

Unlike those big corporations, there's no unethical gigantic markup. We're a boutique outfit committed to only charging what's fair without slapping on excessive label cost.

Our lean approach allows us to bring luxury fountain pens directly to you, our customers, without having you to deal with multiple layers of retailers and distributors.

And through my dogged research that’s what I discovered - high quality pen brands have countless number of different middle-men and excessive marketing spend at multiple stages which leads to swollen price tags.

The final price you pay is inflated to cover all the different expenses and markups incurred along the way, and isn’t a true reflection of the pen’s true value. 

The story of how I came to design this first collection goes back to the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. With little else to do, I spent 18 tireless but massively rewarding months in my London studio immersed in the design of what would be the first Ellington prototype.

Using my background in Mathematics, I toyed with different dimensions, constructions and materials until I found the perfect weight to comfort ratio.

Blindfolded, I tested our first prototypes against the most expensive fountain pens I could get my hands on and found virtually no difference. An Ellington Pen is the world’s first pen that is perfectly balanced with both the cap posted and unposted.

Our first offering are 15 gorgeous designs in different colours for every mood and sensibility.

The octagonal design of the cap pays true homage to this.

Grab an Ellington Pen today and own a luxury fountain pen at a not so luxury price.