10 Fountain Pen Hacks You Need to Try: Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Writing Instrument

10 Fountain Pen Hacks You Need to Try: Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Writing Instrument

Looking to enhance your fountain pen experience? We've compiled a list of 10 essential fountain pen hacks that will take your writing adventures to the next level.


  1. Simplify Cleaning with a Bulb Syringe for Cartridge/Converter Pens

Make cleaning a breeze by using a bulb syringe. Remove the grip and flush the pen from the back. A single syringe can hold enough water for up to 50 flushes with a converter. Not only does this save time, but it also adds an element of fun to the process!


  1. Optimize Writing on Cheap Paper by Flipping the Nib Over

When confronted with poor-quality paper that absorbs ink excessively, consider flipping your nib over to write. This technique can effectively reduce the nib size by at least two sizes, allowing you to write in small areas. However, keep in mind that not all nibs are designed for this, so apply light pressure and be aware that the smoothness of your writing experience may vary.


  1. Shake Down Your Pen to Get the Ink Flowing

If your pen fails to start despite being inked up, it might require a little encouragement. Hold the pen high enough in your hand to avoid hitting the table, and gently tap the heel of your hand on the table to "shake down" the ink, prompting it to flow down the pen. Remember to perform this action over a sheet of paper to avoid ink splatters. Please refrain from slamming the nib onto the desk—restraint is key!


  1. Directly Fill from Bottle/Sample by Removing the Converter

Streamline the filling process by skipping the converter. This method proves especially handy if your ink bottle has low ink levels or if you want to keep your nib clean. Keep in mind that removing the converter decreases your ink capacity slightly, usually by about 0.2-0.3ml. Once you've reinstalled the converter, force some ink through the feed to ensure proper ink flow.


  1. Enhance the Performance of Highly Saturated Inks by Dilution

Some vibrant inks may not always exhibit the desired flow or might have long drying times. You can improve their behavior by diluting them with distilled water. Start with a 10% dilution, which should make a noticeable difference without sacrificing too much color saturation or ink properties.


  1. Manage Fountain Pen Pressure During Air Travel

Flying can cause changes in cabin pressure, which can lead to ink burping or leakage from your pen. To prevent this, ensure your fountain pen is either completely full or completely empty before takeoff. Changes in altitude, especially during ascent within the first 8,000 feet, create pressure differentials that can disrupt the ink flow. Eliminate the air or the ink, and you're good to go!


  1. Clean the Cap of Your Demonstrator Pen

Ink may accumulate between the insert and the cap over time. To address this issue, wrap a rubber band around the end of a pencil, insert it into the cap, and utilize the friction to grip and remove the insert effectively.


  1. Revive a Dry Pen by Dipping it in Water or Ink

If your pen has dried out a little and needs assistance in getting the ink flowing again, dipping it into the ink bottle or a container of water can saturate the feed, revitalizing the pen. This simple trick can work wonders in restoring optimal performance.


  1. Achieve Saturated Ink Effects by Flooding the Feed

Bring out the full potential of your ink by laying down more ink on the page. Dip the pen into the bottle or flood the feed through the pen's filling system as frequently as desired to achieve more pronounced shading, sheening, or shimmering effects.


  1. Prevent Over Saturation by Releasing a Couple of Drips after Filling

After filling your pen completely, release two drops of ink and allow air into the system. This practice helps prevent the feed from becoming overly saturated, reducing the risk of ink dripping into the cap, especially when carrying the pen around. Most pen manufacturers recommend this technique for optimal performance.


By incorporating these fountain pen hacks into your routine, you'll enhance your writing experience, improve ink flow, and maintain the longevity of your pens. Give them a try and discover a world of possibilities with your fountain pens!

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