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Ink Converter Pack of 2

Ink Converter Pack of 2

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I recently had to replace my ink converter, and I must say, it's a game-changer! This accessory effortlessly transformed my fountain pen, ensuring smooth performance. A must-have for any fountain pen enthusiast – undoubtedly deserving of a five-star rating!" - Andrea W.

  • Elevate your fountain pen journey with Ellington Pen's Premium Ink Converter— an indispensable tool for effortlessly transitioning between ink colors or convenient refills. Embrace the freedom to explore a spectrum of writing possibilities with seamless convenience makes a lasting impression.
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    Pack of 2


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Mark Nicholson
    Seamless Ink Flow

    With this ink converter, I've noticed a significant improvement in the ink flow of my fountain pen. It delivers a consistent and smooth writing experience every time.

    S.P. Tremont
    Easy to Use

    Even as a beginner, I found this ink converter incredibly easy to use. It slides smoothly into my fountain pen and fills with ink effortlessly. Perfect for anyone new to fountain pens.

    Agatha Margarette
    Practical Solution

    This ink converter offers a practical solution for refilling my fountain pen with ink. It's a straightforward and efficient way to keep my writing instrument ready for use at all times.

    Rogers Nigel
    Versatile Pen Accessory

    I love how versatile this ink converter is! It allows me to use a wide range of inks, giving me endless possibilities for creative writing and sketching.

    Susan Brenson
    Smooth Transition

    Transitioning from cartridges to this ink converter was seamless. It's environmentally friendly and cost-effective, making it a sustainable choice for long-term use.

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