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Marrakesh Calligraphy Gift Set

Marrakesh Calligraphy Gift Set

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"Totally captivated by this! Its versatile nibs and high-quality inks make creating elegant lettering a joy. A thoughtful gift that brings the magic of calligraphy to life." - Clayton M.

Coming back soon in the US and UK.

  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of calligraphy with this meticulously curated set, designed for those who appreciate the art of beautiful writing.

  • Explore a variety of nibs included in the set, providing versatility for creating intricate and expressive lettering styles, catering to both beginners and experienced calligraphers.

  • The set includes high-quality inks and complete tools that enhance the beauty of your calligraphy, ensuring smooth and vibrant strokes for an impressive writing experience.

  • Enjoy the joy of creating intricate and elegant lettering with this set, making the art of calligraphy a delightful and fulfilling experience.

Package Includes

Comes in a Elegant Gift Box with:
1 Nautilus Fountain Pen in brushed medium nib
6 Replacement Nibs
1 50ml Ink Bottle (Black)
1 Ink Converter
6 Ink Cartridges (3 Black, 3 Blue)

Nib Sizes

1 Medium nib (attached to the pen)
6 replacement nibs
- Broad 1.0mm
- Broad 1.5mm
- Broad 2.0mm
- Broad 2.5mm
- Broad 3.0mm
- Bent nib 0.8-1.0mm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
Charles Igwebike


Thank you for the enchanting words! We're thrilled to hear that our writing flows like magic. Your comparison to a tango with ink and words on paper made our day! We're here to create more magical moments for you. Cheers to the dance of words!

Mike Sturman

I fell in love with this the moment I opened the box. I have been doing calligraphy for over 30 years & will love using this set. It is hard to find quality calligraphy supplies anymore. I would like to see your line expanded.

Thrilled to hear you fell in love with our calligraphy set! ️ With 30 years of calligraphy experience, your endorsement means a lot. We appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm. We're always working to expand our offerings – stay tuned for more quality calligraphy supplies! ✨

David Warden
Gift to myself

I bought this as a Christmas present or myself. I love a good fountain pen and was most surprised at what was inside the Marrakesh package. I have tried all of the nibs and have selected one of the broader ones for my writing. I will probably use one of them as a sketching nib - with the others being used as I need them. The visual quality is stunning and I was surprised at the low price of owning this wonderful set. I have thrown away some of my other pens as inferior. The ink doesn’t seem to dry up as quickly as it does in some of the pens I have use. Highly recommended.

What a delightful Christmas present to yourself! ✨ It's wonderful to hear that the Marrakesh Calligraphy Set exceeded your expectations. The versatility of the nibs for both writing and sketching adds an extra layer of joy to your experience. We're thrilled that you find the visual quality stunning and appreciate the value of this curated set. Thank you for your kind recommendation! Here's to many more creative and enjoyable moments with your new nibs! ️

Linda Pepper
Simply Beautiful!

The Marrakesh Caligraphy Gift set is certainly one of the best calligraphy sets I’ve had. The pen and nibs are high quality as I expected from Ellington and I know I will enjoy using it for a long time. My only suggestion to improve the set would be to include information about each nib and illustrations of how they can be used.

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the Marrakesh Calligraphy Gift set! ️✨ We appreciate your feedback and your suggestion to include information about each nib along with illustrations is valuable. It's great to know that you find the pen and nibs to be of high quality, meeting your expectations from Ellington. We'll certainly take your suggestion into consideration for future sets. Enjoy your calligraphy adventures, and happy writing!

There's Magic Happening Here

i received an Ellington Stealth as a gift and was utterly gobsmacked. I had never held a pen with such perfectly balanced heft that made my hand tingle with anticipation; these finely crafted pens are made to write, they need to write, there's a kind of magic happening here. (I've gifted another with a Stealth, and they now have gifted another with the pen, spreadin' the love, baby!) The only thing missing I felt was the option to write with Caligraphic Stub nibs, or a Flex nib. Well guess what...The Calligraphy Set is here! Like all Ellington products it's boxed to be presented as the elegant treasure that it is, and within the box are a variety of nibs to express your style with all the quirks and flourishes that make your writing uniquely yours because captivating lines dance with varying line width to create a flow that moves the eye along with a pure joy of motion, that's why we're here! At about the cost of two pens you get a pen and a handful of nibs, ink cartridges, a converter, and a bottle of ink. The only hesitation I had in purchasing this was that the pen comes in blue only -erg. This is a wonderful set that's sure to be a lot of fun for anyone whether they're a pen geek (yet) or not.

Thank you for sharing your delightful experience with the Ellington Stealth and the Calligraphy Set! We're thrilled to hear that you found the pen perfectly balanced and capable of creating a magical writing experience. It's fantastic that you've shared the love by gifting Ellington pens to others. The introduction of the Calligraphy Set seems to have brought even more joy to your writing journey, providing a variety of nibs and options for expressing your unique style. We appreciate your detailed and positive feedback, and we're delighted to have you as a part of the Ellington community. If you ever have more thoughts or questions, feel free to share. Happy writing! ️

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