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Ellington Pens

Refill Ink Cartridges - 24 Pack - Compatible with Ellington Pens

Refill Ink Cartridges - 24 Pack - Compatible with Ellington Pens

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PERFECT FIT FOR ELLINGTON PENS: Our premium ink cartridges are specifically designed to fit Ellington Pens, providing a perfect fit every time. This ensures that your ink flows smoothly and evenly, without any leaks or spills. You'll never have to worry about wasting ink or ruining your pen with poorly fitting cartridges.

EXPERT INK QUALITY: Our ink cartridges are filled with the highest quality ink, delivering rich, vibrant colors that make your writing stand out. Whether you're writing notes, letters, or journal entries, our ink will make your words pop off the page. Plus, the high-quality ink dries quickly, preventing smudging and ensuring your writing stays crisp and clear.

24 VALUE PACK: Our premium ink cartridges come in a convenient value pack that includes 24 cartridges, so you won't have to worry about running out of ink anytime soon. This pack provides a long-lasting supply of ink that will keep you writing for weeks or even months. You can enjoy the benefits of our premium ink cartridges without having to constantly replace them, saving you time and money.

100% SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: We know that safety is important to you, which is why our ink cartridges are formulated with a balanced Ph level and are non-toxic. This means that they are gentle on your pen and safe for you to use. You can write with confidence, knowing that our ink is not harmful to your health or the environment.

SMOOTH, LUXURIOUS WRITING EXPERIENCE: Our ink cartridges provide uninterrupted and smooth ink flow, ensuring that your writing is effortless and consistent. You won't have to worry about your ink skipping or running out mid-sentence. With our ink cartridges, you can focus on your writing and let the ink flow smoothly onto the page.

COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER FOUNTAIN PENS TOO: Our ink cartridges are not just designed for Ellington Pens - they are also compatible with other fountain pens that accept international standard size cartridges. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of our premium ink cartridges no matter what type of fountain pen you use. You'll have a versatile option that can be used across different pens and even shared with friends.

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Permanent Ink


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Theresa Ellis
Ink Cartridges

Received a gift fountain pen & the enclosed cartridges worked fine and the pen performed smoothly. I ordered additional cartridges & the first one - no trouble, snapped right in. But the next one refused to snap in. After several attempts, I tried another...same thing. Finally, on the third attempt (& 3rd cartridge), it snapped right in. I'm not sure if the cartridge tips are defective or if I'm doing something wrong. Some snap right in...& some don't. I've kept the cartridges that I tried, & will try again, when I need a refill. I may follow-up on this review in the future. Love the pen and I'm hoping to get a rollerball for Valentines Day! I definitely would recommend this pen!

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