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Replacement Nib with Ink Converter - Silver

Replacement Nib with Ink Converter - Silver

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"Intrigued by the versatility of these nibs for my fountain pen. They've redefined my writing experience, offering a spectrum of line widths and styles. An investment for those seeking customization and extended pen life." - Theo K.

      • The replacement nibs breathe new life into your fountain pen, elevating your writing experience with enhanced precision and control.

      • Embark on a writing journey that transcends boundaries with these replacement nibs, offering a versatile range of line widths and styles to add a personalized touch to your every word.

      • Choose from a spectrum of line widths and colors, allowing you to adapt your writing style and meet the demands of various tasks.

Nib Sizes

Broad 1.0mm
Bent/Flex 0.7-1.0mm
Medium 0.5mm
Fine 0.4mm
Extra Fine 0.3mm

Purchase Includes

1 Fountain Pen Replacement Nib
1 Ink Converter


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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Dr. James

Have not used my medium nib yet. However look forward to when I need a change. At present I am very happy with my fine nibs

My new favorite nib!

The nib that came with my first Ellington fountain pen was very smooth. However, I prefer a broader nib. I can't believe how this pen writes now – it's wonderful! It never skips, and yet it doesn't bleed through in my "fountain pen friendly" journal.

Wesley G.
Precision Personified!

The nib on this fountain pen is precision personified, delivering clean lines and unmatched control for an exquisite writing experience.

Lindsey H.
Artisan's Touch

Writing with this nib feels like being guided by an artisan's touch. It's a masterpiece that turns every stroke into a work of art.

Braxton H.
Whispers of Ink

This nib speaks in whispers of ink, creating lines that convey thoughts with subtlety and grace, turning each word into a poetic expression.

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