Cheers to Our 20,000th Customer

Cheers to Our 20,000th Customer

Hello again to our wonderful Ellington family and dear readers,

We're beyond thrilled to share with you a milestone that truly warms our hearts - Ellington Pens has welcomed its 20,000th customer! This isn't just a number for us; it's a testament to the growing family that believes in the beauty and art of writing as much as we do.

Celebrating our 20,000th customer milestone

From the First Pen to 20,000 Stories

Our journey to this point has been nothing short of amazing, filled with memorable milestones that we've all achieved together. From our first pen collection launch, which many of you welcomed with open arms, to the heartwarming stories you've shared about how our pens have become a part of your life's key moments.

What's Next at Ellington Pens

This year, we're not slowing down. We've got some exciting plans that we can't wait to share with you:
  • Our Handcrafted Wooden Collection

Coming in 2024, this new line is something quite special. We're combining traditional craftsmanship with our signature Ellington elegance, creating pens that are not just writing instruments but pieces of art.

  • Ellington Kids' Fountain Pens

We're also launching a line designed especially for children. We believe it's never too early to fall in love with writing, and these pens are made to be the perfect companions for young writers, encouraging them to explore their creativity through the written word.

Writing Forward, Together

Every step we've taken and will continue to take is inspired by you - our community. Your stories, enthusiasm, and support are what drive us forward, and we're so grateful for that. So here's to our continued journey together, filled with more stories, more milestones, and a shared love for the timeless art of writing.

Thank you for being an essential part of this adventure.

Cheers to our 20,000th patron


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