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Emerald Enigma Fountain Pen

Emerald Enigma Fountain Pen

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"Absolutely thrilled to have this fountain pen! The stunning shade of green is truly a rare find and happens to be my favorite color. Its exquisite design and smooth writing make it a standout in my collection." - Sophia G.

Introducing the Emerald Enigma - a fountain pen with luscious green barrel adorned with opulent gold accents and trimmings. Crafted with precision and elegance, this fountain pen is a true statement of refined taste. Elevate your writing experience with smooth ink flow and effortless precision, as each stroke embodies timeless sophistication.

Nib Sizes

Medium 0.5-0.7mm
Fine 0.4-0.5mm
Extra Fine 0.38-0.45mm

Purchase Includes

1 Fountain Pen
3 Ink Cartridges (2 Black & 1 Blue)
1 Ink Piston Converter


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2244 reviews
Jed Burnham
My new pen

I received my new Ellington Enigma pen a couple of weeks ago and could not be more pleased. I have a small collection of fountain pens and this pen is the best of the lot. It starts easily and writes smoothly. It is a treat to use.

That's fantastic to hear! The Emerald Enigma sounds like a true gem in your collection. It's delightful to know that it starts easily and provides a smooth writing experience, making it a genuine treat to use. Here's to many more enjoyable moments with your Ellington pen! ️✨

Henry Kalir
An Elegant, Well Built Fountain Pen

As an exclusive fountain pen user since 5th grade ( a mere 62 years ago), I'm happy to report that my Emerald Enigma Fountain Pen is one of the smoother writing implements I've had the pleasure to own and use.
It is both beautiful to behold and wonderful to write with. The converter which came with it allows one to fill it up with ink easily, and the pen's price makes it a great value.
I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Thank you for sharing your extensive experience and wonderful feedback! We're thrilled to hear that your Emerald Enigma Fountain Pen has become one of the smoother writing instruments in your impressive collection over the years. It's truly special to know that the pen's beauty is matched by its performance, and we're delighted to provide a great value for your fountain pen passion.

Your wholehearted recommendation means a lot to us. If there's anything else we can assist you with or if you ever decide to explore more pens, we're here to help. Happy writing, and thank you for being a dedicated fountain pen user with Ellington Pens! ️

David Franklin
A RETURN to the art of personalized HAND WRITTEN LETTERS

As a published author, I longed to return to the days of using my fountain pen for crafting letters. But back then, it was very messy, due to frequent leaks & refilling the rubber ink bladder. Eventually, I resorted to ball point pens, but it just was not the same experience.
My two Elling fountain pens (fine & extra fine) have restored that original joy in my life. They function perfectly: never leak, write flawlessly, ink flows immediately, and are easy to re-fil. What a pleasure it is to write by hand again! Today, one can spend well over a thousand for a high quality fountain pen. However, Ellington offers high quality fountain pens for a fraction of that price, and their performance is equal if not better, to the best I have ever used. Thank You !

It's fantastic to hear that Ellington fountain pens have rekindled your joy for hand-written letters. Their reliability, smooth writing, and affordability make them a delightful choice. As a published author, finding a meaningful writing instrument is crucial, and it's clear that Ellington pens have exceeded your expectations. Happy writing, and may your Ellington fountain pens continue to inspire your craft! ️✨

Paul E Dodaro
Another fine pen

i am a repeat customer who owns a number of Ellington Fountain pens. The Emerald Enigma is attractive, comfortable in the hand, and has a smooth ink flow. Since receiving it, I have been using the Emerald Enigma nearly every day.

Thank you for being a valued repeat customer, and we truly appreciate your ongoing support of Ellington Pens! We're delighted to hear that you're enjoying your new Emerald Enigma. It's a beautiful pen that offers a comfortable writing experience, and we're thrilled to hear that it has become a part of your daily routine. Happy writing, and thank you for choosing Ellington Pens! ️

Dale Wallace
Great pen!!

I now own four Elington pens and each on is buttery smooth! I chose the extra fine nib and I really love the way they write. The balance is exceptional, whether posyed or not. I recommend Elington pens to all of my friends!

Thank you so much for your support and recommendation! We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying your Ellington pens and that they write so smoothly for you. If you ever need anything else or have more friends to share the joy of writing with, we're here for you! Happy writing! ️

Loved by All...