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Alpine Rose Fountain Pen

Alpine Rose Fountain Pen

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"I really like this fountain pen. I have several fountain pens in similar price range, and this outwin the others. I like how this pen writes. The ink flow is amazing. It's well balanced and easy to write with. The color is also perfect for me!" - Allaina M.

Indulge in refined elegance with the Alpine Rose. Its pristine white barrel, complemented by rose gold accents, radiates timeless sophistication. Elevate your writing experience with seamless precision and style, transforming every stroke into a masterpiece.

Nib Sizes & Product Details

Medium 0.5-0.7mm
Fine 0.4-0.5mm
Extra Fine 0.38-0.45mm

Barrel - made of stainless steel
Trim & Clip - made of brass

Purchase Includes

1 Fountain Pen
3 Ink Cartridges (2 Black & 1 Blue)
1 Ink Converter


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2108 reviews
Macair Gordon
Alpine Rose Fountain Pen

This truly is the best fountain pen I have ever used. The flow of the ink is continuous and the nib glides along the paper. I love the feel and weight of this pen and it is a reasonable price for the quality. I will not buy any other brand from now on!!!

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the Ellington fountain pen! It's fantastic to hear that you're enjoying the continuous ink flow, smooth nib, and overall feel of the pen. Finding a pen that suits your writing preferences can indeed be a game-changer. If you ever have more feedback or questions, feel free to reach out. Happy writing! ️

Carol Dawson
This pen takes me back to over 50 years

When someone my age attended a Grammar school in the 1970's, in the UK, a fountain pen had to be used. I'd forgotten how wonderful they are to use, and I'm impressed with this company's pens. They glide along the page, with a steady stream of ink and you can feel the muscles in your hand relax and let the pen do the work. The best thing is I know this pen will just get better the more it is used. That's just the natural nature of a well made pen , they 'adjust' to you, such as the angle of the nib, where the most pressure is put, they literally start to feel part of you. Noone else will be able to write comfortably with that pen. They are a personal item, much like a watch . Thank you for introducing me to MY pen Ellington 😊

Your nostalgic journey and reflection on the use of fountain pens in the past are truly delightful to read! It's wonderful that the Ellington fountain pen has brought back those memories and provided you with a sense of connection and comfort. Your description of how a well-made pen adjusts to the user over time resonates with the unique and personal nature of fountain pens. Thank you for sharing your experience, and if you ever have more thoughts to share or questions, feel free to reach out. Happy writing with your special Ellington pen! ️

Ahmed M.
Beautiful pen

For the money, this pen is an excellent value. It has a bit of weight, but it's not too bad. There isn't anything for me to dislike about this pen. I've been using it daily for a couple of months now. No complaints. It has become one of my go-to pens for daily journaling. I highly recommend this pen!

Thank you for your kind words about the Ellington Fountain Pen, Ahmed. We're so glad you've enjoyed it and that it has become one of your go-to pens! We appreciate your business and hope you'll continue to choose our products in the future.

The Wanderess
Honestly I love it- I really do

I was so excited to test this pen out. I got the black and gold one. The packaging was very good, like most fountain pens at this price range.
I immediately liked the weight of the pen and was happy that the manufacturer decided to include a refillable ink reservoir along with the free cartridges. For some of the name brands you have to purchase it separately.
My idea was to fill the reservoir with my favourite ink, but decided to test the ink cartridge included anyway. The ink was black and very wet.
About the pen nib - must be a medium size nib and its very wet and I prefer a wet nib. The flow is very good.
I love the broken edges it create when you swiftly move it through the page.
Overall Im pretty happy and excited to pick up this pen every time and it stays on my desk. The manufacturer makes a really bold claim that this pen will soon be your go-to writing companion .
I can assure that it may be true in my case- I take some time to really like a pen- but I find myself using this one more often than I would normally use a new pen.
Lets see how this goes. Thanks for this pen.

Thank you for your wonderful review of the Ellington Fountain Pen! I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying it so much. The weight and feel of the pen is really what sets it apart from other options in this price range, and I'm happy to hear that you appreciate the refillable ink reservoir. Our team tries hard to make sure that each detail of our pens is perfect, and it sounds like we have succeeded with this one.

The medium size nib is definitely a favorite among many users, as it provides a good amount of control while writing. The wetness of the nib can be adjusted by changing the amount of pressure applied while writing, so it's easily customizable to fit your needs. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the broken edges created by the pen, as they really add character to your words. Thank you again for choosing Ellington Pens!

Deborah B.

An excellent pen for its price range: Smooth, flowing lines without any scratchiness or resistance whatsoever, always performing without any clogging.

UPDATE: After 2 months of extensive daily use, this remarkable instrument has not once ever failed to perform! It is perfectly weighted when posted, responds instantly and has never required any coaxing or jumpstarting. It works as a reliable pen should: never standing in the way of an idea and its transference to paper. I will be purchasing another soon.

Thank you for your kind words, Deborah. We're so happy to hear that you love your Ellington fountain pen! It was designed with writing enthusiasts in mind, and we're glad to know it's living up to your high standards. Thanks again for choosing Ellington and we hope you'll continue to enjoy using it for many years to come.

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